Promotion of International Trade: Greater support for enterprises to expand overseas markets

On February 2, at the monthly press conference held by CCPIT, CCPIT spokesperson Yang Fan introduced that CCPIT conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, took multiple measures to strengthen trade promotion functions, improved industrial service levels, and gave greater support to enterprises to expand overseas markets.

Specifically, in terms of organizing and implementing overseas (border) exhibitions, since the beginning of the year, CCPIT has resumed accepting applications for approval of economic and trade exhibitions held abroad, and has accepted 519 applications for the first batch of exhibition projects this year, involving 50 exhibition units from all over the country to participate in 47 countries.

Promotion of International Trade: Greater support for enterprises to expand overseas markets
Promotion of International Trade: Greater support for enterprises to expand overseas markets

“We will focus on promoting the stable scale and excellent structure of foreign trade, high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, focusing on emerging market countries and strategic emerging industries, and actively guiding Chinese enterprises to participate in well-known industry exhibitions with strong symbols and high gold content in developed countries.” Yang Fan said.

In terms of building more international exchange and cooperation platforms for enterprises, we have carefully organized and planned major events such as the China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo, the Global Trade and Investment Promotion Summit, the Global Conference on the Rule of Law of Industry and Commerce, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Industry and Commerce Conference, and the “Belt and Road” Entrepreneur Conference, and actively promoted extensive exchanges, in-depth negotiations and pragmatic cooperation between enterprises through these economic and trade platforms.

In terms of innovative models to improve the quality of commercial certification services, vigorously improve the intelligence level of the online visa system for certificates of origin, comprehensively promote the ATA mobile client, and optimize and upgrade the “Trade Promotion Bank” platform; Continue to optimize the “green channel” service and adopt the integration of online + offline services; Integrate the development of credit services, brand evaluation, geographical indication application promotion, ecological origin product certification, low-carbon trade certification and other services, and enrich certificate application scenarios.

In terms of providing more and more targeted foreign trade public service products, improve the research and working mechanism for the majority of foreign trade enterprises, timely collect and reflect the problems and demands of foreign trade enterprises and promote solutions; Continue to carry out publicity, promotion and training of RCEP and other free trade agreements, and guide enterprises to make full use of various free trade agreement policies; Continue to update and publish business environment guidelines for countries (regions) where enterprises invest abroad.

At the same time, CCPIT is also taking multiple measures to promote the stabilization of foreign investment and expand the increment, focusing on the following three aspects:

First, strengthen foreign investment promotion services. Accelerate the promotion and application of the direct reporting platform for foreign-funded enterprises’ appeals, so that more foreign-funded enterprises can find, be willing to fill in, and facilitate inspection, strengthen data accumulation, statistics, analysis and application, and strive to promote the resolution of foreign-funded enterprises’ appeals. Strengthen regular ties with multinational companies and foreign business associations, strengthen tracking services for key foreign-funded enterprises and projects, and promote the construction of foreign-funded projects.

The second is to continue to promote the optimization of the business environment. Strengthen in-depth thematic research, organize more symposiums and policy publicity meetings for foreign-funded enterprises, and strengthen policy interpretation and precise drip irrigation. Carry out national, provincial, autonomous region and municipal business environment surveys and publish reports, and hold government-enterprise dialogues on optimizing the business environment in key regions and industries.

The third is to assist local governments and industries in attracting investment. Improve the construction of platforms such as “Invest in China”, organize a series of “local tour” activities for enterprises, support local governments to use major exhibitions and forums to attract investment, and guide more foreign investment in advanced manufacturing, modern service industries, high and new technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection, digital economy, research and development and other fields.