Transaction volume The liquid argon market has heated up significantly

After the Spring Festival, as middlemen and downstream returned to the market, the demand for liquid argon market improved, and the trading volume in many places increased significantly, supporting the price to open a low rebound road. However, due to the different start-up speeds of downstream industries in various regions, the market heating up is different. In the future, many parties are favorable support, and the price rally may continue. After the Spring Festival, supported by downstream replenishment and resumption of construction, the liquid argon market gradually increased in volume, the pressure on enterprise inventory eased, and the price ushered in a low rebound due to the bullish sentiment of the market. Since 1.February, the average price of liquid argon has continued to rise

Translation:元/吨 yuan / ton

It can be seen from Figure 1 that with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, especially after the tenth day of the first lunar month, the liquid argon market heated up significantly, and the price continued to rise, according to the data monitoring of Zhuochuang Information, up to now, the national average price of liquid argon is 974 yuan / ton, up 84.4% from the low price in the year.2. Falling inventories are the direct driver of price increases

Translation:2023 China liquid nitrogen average price trend chart

According to the survey statistics of Zhuochuang Information, since February, the liquid level of the main enterprises has decreased to varying degrees, of which the proportion of low liquid level and high liquid level is small, and the overall change is not much. The medium and high liquid level decreased by 2 percentage points from 18% to 11%, the medium level also decreased from 7% to 44%, and the medium and low level increased from 41% to 23%. For industrial gases, production enterprises mostly price by liquid level, so the relief of medium, high and medium liquid level pressure is the direct driving force for the continuous small increase in prices in this round. There are two reasons for the decline in inventory, after one section, prices in various places are low, and middlemen and downstream take the opportunity to replenish inventory; The second is that as operations in various places return to normal, liquid argon downstream photovoltaic, stainless steel and processing and manufacturing industries have different degrees of demand.3. The start-up speed of each main market is different.

2023 trend chart of the average price of liquid nitrogen in some markets in China

Inner Mongolia Jiangsu Guangdong

Returning to the main markets, due to the different start-up speeds of downstream industries in various places, the speed of relief of inventory pressure is different, and the price upward is not synchronized. According to Figure 3, as a representative market in the western region, Inner Mongolia began to rise rapidly in early February, and the mainstream factory rose to 2-820 yuan / ton, which is mainly related to the support of monocrystalline silicon enterprises during the Spring Festival and demand increase; Jiangsu market as a representative market in East China, its downstream distribution is not concentrated, after the holiday manufacturers discharge warehouse pressure mainly, the price is mostly reflected in low prices to push up, until mid-February, with the rise in demand superimposed on the surrounding production enterprises spring maintenance, supply and demand increase, price upward acceleration, to the current mainstream factory to 900-2 yuan / ton; Guangdong market first fell and then rose, after the holiday by the surrounding low-price sources impact, the mainstream received goods first fell to about 1200 yuan / ton, and then with the downstream market increase, and the surrounding low-price sources were consumed, the price opened a slow upward channel, but due to the current domestic and foreign economic operation pressure is still large, foreign trade business is still affected to a certain extent, Guangdong demand is relatively limited, the rise is relatively moderate, the current mainstream received to 1400-750 yuan / ton.4. The short-term rally may continue. Looking ahead, the market rally is likely to continue. In terms of supply, due to important events in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region recently, some enterprises have negative plans, coupled with spring maintenance have been carried out one after another, and the supply of liquid argon may have interregional reduction behavior, which has supported the local area; In terms of demand, as the weather warms, the start of the northern processing and manufacturing industry will increase, and according to Zhuochuang Information, stainless steel enterprises in Jiangsu, Fujian and other places also have replenishment behavior, which will support the increase in demand for liquid argon. In addition, according to the survey of the main market participants in the central and eastern regions, there is still no obvious pressure on corporate inventory, and the bullish sentiment in the market will still bring some support. Therefore, with the support of many favorable parties, Zhuochuang Information believes that the price of short-term liquid argon may continue to rise.